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Write something--yesss....

so said the thirteen ravens

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Nervous breakdowns are my specialty.

My dog is the best thing, ever.

I like writing and drawing and making stuff up.

I fancy myself to be a ghost, or an octopus--or perhaps the ghost of an octopus tentatively reaching out to say hello.


A grateful tip of the hat to burroughsghost for the snazzy picture of Jack and Meg on the next page over.
alan rickman, anything with tentacles, art, autobots, avoiding aliens, avoiding zombies, barnabas the dog, batman, beetlejuice, beliefs, black-and-white pictures, boo radley, books, bruce campbell, bumblebee, cardboard, cartoons, cemeteries, chad vader, charles addams, chip kidd, christmastime, comic books, creativity, danny elfman, darth vader, david north, dead weather, ditching reality, dragons, drawing, dreams, edgar allan poe, edward gorey, el chupacabra, emily dickinson, everyday magic, evil dead, fall and winter, flash fiction, folklore, fraudulent shenanigans, freedom of speech, ghost hunting, ghostbusters, godzilla, goggles, good writing, graphite, halloween, handwriting, harry belafonte, hellboy, holden caulfield, hopping all about, imagination, indiana jones, ink pens, inspiration, intelligence, j.d. salinger, jack nicholson, jack skellington, jasper johns, john childermass, johnny depp, kite flying, lydia deetz, magic, making stuff up, matthew the raven, maverick, megaman, michael keaton, monster trees, monsters, movies, music, my chemical romance, my dog, neil gaiman, notecards, observations, octopuses, oingo boingo, ok go, optimus prime, originality, painting, parks, peter cullen, philip pullman, philosophy, playing cards, poetry, pretending, professor snape, queen, ravens, reading, redemption, robert downey jr., rubberbands, sarcasm, scooby-doo, short stories, simplicity, skeletons, space ghost, spider-man, storms, swing sets, taking pictures, the a-team, the ground, the hives, the jellyfish brigade, the joker, the loch ness monster, the paranormal, the raconteurs, the raven king, the sky, the squirrel nut zippers, the white stripes, the wind, the x-files, thomas paine, tim burton, transformers, v for vendetta, video games, vincent price, voltron, water, wolverine, wolves, words, writing, you, zero, zorak

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