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19 May 2031 @ 01:33 am
telsa coil (thanks to vicious photobucket)

i believe in little rooms, like jack and meg once said. and how sometimes you have to go in your little room to remember who you are.

and so you put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard and give it a go. and it's just you and your words, and this big empty room. and then you find others and they find you, and their words and your words run about and hold hands, and everything is so simple and complicated and complicated and simple, that you can't help but smile and smile and smile.

and so i'm still smiling. it's just that i find it easier to write when i pretend there's no one around at all. for it's when no one's looking, that we're free to be ourselves--to act as we've always acted and to think as we've always thought. it's an illusion, and nothing more--a tip of the magician hat and a clever wink, to show that secrets are implied.

the whole world is a little room.
jack and meg and zebra (thanks to vicious photobucket)

i write a lot about nothing. i belive in everday magic. i hope you have a fantastically wonderful octopus kind of day.
where i can be found: at the park, with goggles in hand
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Current Music: Little Room--The White Stripes
deadskie13deadskie13 on August 9th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
I think it's best to have windows, instead of doors. Windows let you see what's on the other side, and sometimes they can double as doors. I'm glad you're able to enjoy being in your room--I really don't know what I'd do without mine.